Tuesday, May 12, 2009

300 Soundtrack lyrics

To Victory
The Agoge
The Wolf
Returns A King
The Ephors
Cursed By Beauty
What Must A King Do?
Goodbye My Love
No Sleep Tonight
Tree Of The Dead
The Hot Gates
Fight In The Shade
Come And Get Them
No Mercy
Immortals Battle
Fever Dream
Xerxes' Tent
Tonight We Dine In Hell
The Council Chamber
Xerxes' Final Offer
A God King Bleeds
Message For The Queen
Remember Us
Just Like You Imagined (Nine Inch Nails)

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

300 Soundtrack listing

300 Soundtrack Listing

Track listing

1 To Victory (hacia la victoria) 2:33
2 The Agoge 2:24
3 The Wolf 2:09
4 Returns A King 2:23
5 Submission 2:39
6 The Ephors 1:58
7 Cursed By Beauty 1:40
8 What Must A King Do? 1:04
9 Goodbye My Love 3:21
10 No Sleep Tonight 2:32
11 Tree Of The Dead 2:23
12 The Hot Gates 2:59
13 Fight In The Shade 3:16
14 Come And Get Them 2:04
15 No Mercy 2:22
16 Immortals Battle 1:52
17 Fever Dream 2:32
18 Xerxes' Tent 3:19
19 Tonight We Dine In Hell 1:13
20 The Council Chamber 2:33
21 Xerxes' Final Offer 2:37
22 A God King Bleeds 2:16
23 Glory 1:43
24 Message For The Queen 2:30
25 Remember Us 2:56
26 To Victory (Philip Steir's Sacrifice for Sparta Remix) 5:32
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300 Soundtrack

Have you watch 300? Do you know its soundtrack?

300 is the soundtrack to the 2007 film 300. It was composed by Tyler Bates, and was released on March 6, 2007, three days before the film opened for public viewing.

The lyrics sung are in Greek and Latin. The song used in the trailers of the movie, Nine Inch Nails's Just Like You Imagined, is absent from the soundtrack. The song Knights of Cydonia by Muse is also used in one of the movie's DVD advertisements. The opening lines of the track Come And Get Them are "Pherto - Parte to" (φέρτο - πάρτε το) translating as "give it - come and get it". It is said that Leonidas exclaimed Molōn labe! (Μολὼν λαβέ) when asked by Xerxes to surrender. The opening words of Returns A King translate as "I am trembling / I am frightened of / Our returned king".

There exists a normal edition and a deluxe edition containing photos and artwork from the film. The soundtrack debut at #74 on the Billboard Top 200 and rose to #52 in its second week. It has sold 37,638 copies to date [1].